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Ask for “The Works”

Your fine jewelry is designed to last a lifetime-with proper care.

That’s why we offer a complete range of jewelry services. We sell, appraise, restring, clean, polish and check for loose stones and parts. And when we are through, all of your jewelry will look brand new.

So come visit us. And ask for “The Works.” We care.

Jewelry Cleaning and Repairs

Routine inspections and cleanings help assure your jewelry is in good condition and will last. During an inspection, we look for broken or worn prongs, weak clasps, loose stones or other damage before you lose a diamond or break a strand of pearls.

With gold and platinum at an all time high, now is a good time to review your jewelry valuations or appraisals. You may find your fine jewelry may be worth more now than when it was originally appraised.

Our jewelry repair services include:

  • sizing and shanks
  • tips and prong repair
  • clasps and catches
  • heads and bezels
  • bails and pendants
  • soldering
  • engraving
  • remove and reset stones
  • watch battery replacement
  • refinishing jewelry
  • pearl and bead stringing
  • safety chains
  • rhodium plating
  • recutting gemstones and diamonds
  • gluing
  • replating
  • crystal etching
  • laser welding
  • Fingermate and Superfit hinged shanks
  • convert pierced to non-pierced
  • earring backs
  • glueing
  • ring guards
  • sizing balls
  • tighten stones
  • clasps
  • threaded posts & nuts
  • custom creations
  • appraisals
  • complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection
jewelry repair at futer bros jewelers
jewelry repair at futer bros jewelers
jewelry repair at futer bros jewelers