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Gold Buying

Now is the best time to sell gold with gold prices at an all time high.

Why choose Futer Bros. Jewelers to buy your gold?

  • We have been a trusted business in the York community since 1932.
  • We have a gold buying license.
  • We will do honest weighing and testing of the metals in front of you.
  • We will return all of your stones to you.
  • We have no hidden fees.
  • We will write you a check on the spot.

What we buy

  • We buy all gold, silver, and platinum metals.
  • We buy dental gold.
  • We buy necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, broken chains, ½ pair of earrings, empty mountings, watches, etc…

How much we pay

  • All payments are calculated in pennyweights (dwt), which is the standard measurement in precious metals.
  • Your payment is based on the market price for gold, which fluctuates daily, the gold content and weight.

There should be a karat stamp somewhere on the piece of jewelry, although not required by law in the United States.

  • 18k or 750
  • 14k or 585
  • 10k or 416
  • sterl or 925
  • plat or 950PT

If there is no stamp, we have a metal tester that tests up to 24k as well as platinum. We also can test with acid.
The following are not accepted for refining:

  • 1/10 GF is gold filled
  • vermeil is gold plate on top of sterling

We want you to feel satisfied and confident in selling your gold scrap to Futer Bros.

We Buy Your Gold for the Best Price