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Ed Levin Jewelry

Create a sense of wonder, while expressing something significant.

Distinctly alluring designs with an eye on innovative, timeless beauty sets Ed Levin Jewelry apart from trends and other jewelry designers. Their passion is to inspire the wearer by enhancing the body and inspire the soul. Instilled with authentic elegance, Ed Levin Jewelry is an experience that will delight you today and for years to come.

Handcrafted in the historic Victorian village of Cambridge, New York, Ed Levin Jewelry has been creating original and captivating designs for over 60 years.

Available for purchase today at Futer Bros Jewelers. For more information, visit edlevinjewelry.com.

Ed Levin Jewelry Available at Futer Bros Jewelers

Now Available: The 50th Anniversary Ed Levin Signature Bracelet


ed levin 50th anniversary heart silver bracelet

The iconic Ed Levin signature silver bracelet is now available with a special gold heart to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ed Levin Jewelry. Featuring clean lines and innovative function, this bracelet is “jewelry for generations.” 

This special 50th anniversary bracelet will be date stamped 2016 and features a small 14K gold heart on the outside. Available now at Futer Bros. Jewelers.