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Our Family

Audrey Futer Eigenrauch & Justus Eigenrauch III
Audrey Futer Eigenrauch & Justus Eigenrauch IIIOwners
“My father Parke and his brother Leroy were young men when they started Futer Bros. Jewelers in 1932. My husband Justus and I were able to help the business grow and prosper. Now with pride and enthusiasm we have been able to see the next generation, Debbie and David, commit to carrying on their dreams and our reputation into the 21st century.”

“I have enjoyed knowing a great many really nice people down through the years and working with them to commemorate the happy and important events in their lives.”

Debbie Eigenrauch-Ashway
Debbie Eigenrauch-Ashway Owner, Certified Gemologist & Appraiser
“This is a fun business! We help to make people smile. It’s always a pleasure selling engagement rings to several generations of one family.”
David Eigenrauch
David EigenrauchOwner, Certified Gemologist
“I like the service end of it, doing little things for our customers that make them happy.”
Jessica Harrison
Jessica HarrisonBench Jeweler
“Jewelry is very sentimental, and I love the satisfaction of returning a customer’s jewelry and hearing them say it looks better than the day I got it.”
Lana Blevins
Lana BlevinsResearch Specialist
“Being part of the Futer Bros. family since 1995 has been a tremendous privilege. It is a great pleasure to serve the jewelry needs of York and beyond.”
Sandi Schrum
Sandi SchrumSales Associate
“Combining my love of working with the clients and my love of beautiful and unique jewelry, Futer Bros is the perfect place for me.”