Can we bring you back a diamond from Antwerp?

In Antwerp, before I will be locked inside a diamond vault, they will take my passport away. Then, I will pass through secured areas made of steel and bullet proof glass. I will quietly pass countless heavily armed guards, who keep nearly everyone on Earth out, except a select few.

I will have nothing with me except my exceptional eyesight, a tweezers, a loupe, and a lifetime of experience and training on how to identify diamonds by value, rarity, quality, and performance.

I will spend days locked inside. Most days, I won’t see the sun. I will arrive before sunrise, and exit long after sunset. Just me, holding a tweezers in one hand and my loupe in the other.

Inside, I will be able to find the prettiest $3,000 1-carat diamond on Earth, or, I can find the prettiest $10,000 1-carat diamond on Earth. Each is an exceptional value for the price. Both are very different from each other, and both will have very excited people waiting for them back in York, Pa.

Tell me what you want. Tell me what your budget is. Send me on a mission for you and your forever diamond.

In Antwerp, I will be surrounded by billions of dollars of the finest, rarest treasures on Earth: Diamonds. I will choose each one by hand, by sight, and by experience for you. I will choose diamonds with exceptional value and performance for any budget, from $500 to $500,000. Which one should I choose for you?